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Thursday, 28 April 2011

9/5/2011_exam coming !!

hye...sorry 4 the long time didn't update :P hahaha, kind of buzy these weeks..tired and going 2 get mad !! 14 days to go 4 school exam..!not a joke, its true,14 days to go!! this is wat my mom keep repeating... 'Go study stop playing ur phone stop dreaming!! wat r u doing??' lol i didn't blame her coz i noe its for my own good :P damn freaking ugly . i noe i noe..haha i look as ugly as STITCH hahaha XDDD i noe i look retarded! exam cooming so soon!!!!14 days to go... god save me~~haahhah hope i can achieve my targets.. which is NO FAIL...haha..STUDY HARD HARD HARD!! hahah..

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